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>> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: and i'm julie banderas. welcome to america's news headquarters. ten members of a church group are being held in port-au-prince over child trafficking concerns. this after they tried to take 33 children out of earthquake ravaged haiti. >> gregg: shocking new images of a person being held by pirates. latest on government efforts to get them back. >> julie: with 7.5 million households behind on their mortgage payments or in foreclosure right now, lenders are trying to figure out how to sell a supply of foreclosed
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homes. how it's making a comeback in a troubled economy. >> gregg: all signs are pointing to a major reversal by the obama administration to hold those 9/11 terror trials in new york city. the question now, where would the white house hold the trials instead? the host city might receive about $200 million to help cover security costs but is it worth it? julie is following the story live from washington. >> reporter: the obama white house and the justice department continue to look for options other than new york city mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed and co-conspirators. no decision has been made yet. they have been facing strong political opposition after deciding they would hold the trial in new york city. david axelrod, moving trial location is under consideration but he gave no solid indication
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of when the decision will be made opinion. >> the city of new york was originally recent i have to that. now, they have reservations based on logistics and cost. we're taking those under consideration, but i think the reports you've read are wildly premature. no decisions have been made at this point. >> reporter: new york city mayor michael bloomberg that wanted to hold it in federal court near the trade center is asked president obama to rethink it. he believes they will reject any funding for a civilian trial. optimism el says they -- mcconnell says they should be detained in guantanamo bay. >> any community will reject for these people being put on trial in civilian court. >> today they turned down reports that guantanamo bay is
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an option for the trial. white house press secretary robert gibbs refused to say whether khalid shaikh mohammed will be tried in a federal or a military court. so they are still debating this. >> gregg: thanks. >> julie: less than a report that a no bid, $25 million contract went to a major obama campaign donor, the contract has been terminated. a high ranking state department official telling fox the contract violated a campaign promise made by then candidate barack obama. james rosen has the latest details from washington? >> the obama administration says fox news reporting had nothing to do with in contract being cancelled. hit already been terminated as improper, but word of this cancellation came a full five days after u.s.a. first responded the contract as proper. it was award order january 4th
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of this year. administration officials say it was an extension of a $44 million contract first awarded after competitive bidding by the bush administration. renewed contract is worth $24.6 million and should extend the rule of law in afghanistan. the d.c. firm who federal records show said begin donating to president obama campaign. he gave $4400, close to the maximum amount allowed. last night, state department spokesman told fox news the contract was cancelled because of rival firm, ard from vermont had launched a protest. what was missing was a determination there was an urgent and compelling reason to award the contract on a no bid basis and it will be put out for bids. at one point i reminded
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mr. crowell liquor, secretary of state a.m. to many americans, of then candidate obama's many campaign statements in 2008 criticizing the bush administration for award go no bid contracts, like this one. >> we can save millions of dollars, by strengthening oversight and end the abuse of no bid contracts, once and for all, the day of sweetheart deals for halliburton ton and the likes will be over when i'm in the white house. >> in response, he said, you make a valid point. if you want to say this violates the basis on which this administration campaigned, fair enough, unquote. asked how many no bid contracts they have awarded since he took office, he said he would get back to us. >> julie: james rosen, thank you very much. >> gregg: a mission to rescue haitian orphans landing ten americans behind bars. church group from idaho
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apparently tried to take the kids across the border and into the dominican republic. they were detained by haitian police who claimed they were missing the proper paperwork. laura ingle has the latest on this developing story. the senator pastor from the central baptist valley church held a news conference to explain the month toivs by the attempt to take the children out of haiti. he maintains that the mission was one of compassion, to try to rescue abandoned children. ten americans were taken into custody late friday night suspected of taking part in an illegal adoption scheme according to the haitian social affairs minister. five men and five women were arrested trying to take 33 kids across the border to the dominican republic to get them to a makeshift orphanage. they were apparently unaware of the new controls on adoption that requires the prime minister to authorize the departure of
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any child to prevent child trafficking. >> it's going to be exactly what we know, what our team was doing was doing everything was right. they had the paperwork they needed to have because they understood the dynamics of this event. >> reporter: they were between the ages of two and 12 years old. according to the leader they wanted to get the kids to a safe place where they could set them up with medical care and give them food and water. >> they are very precious kids. they have lost their homes and families and are so deeply in need of most of all god's love and compassion and very nurturing setting. >> reporter: the children who in the bus were taken to an orphanage run by children's village, an austrian organization. one of the main concerns here has been not all the kids who
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are in orphanages in haiti are orphans. many kids were taken from parents that couldn't afford to take care of them. >> gregg: laura ingle, thanks for the report. >> julie: weeks after the earthquake demolished much of haiti, it's a waiting game for number of american families. they don't know whether their loved ones is dead or alive. rick is in port-au-prince with the latest. >> there were at least 17 americans inside the hotel montana when it collapsed back on january 12th, including students and faculty who chose here because it's a four-star hotel. it's hosted many americans in the past. most of the 145 rooms were full. when the quake brought the five story structure down, at least 60 people were not to have been killed in the structure. many more may have been spared
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because there was a barbecue going on in the courtyard. they say they are treating this as a shrine, its tedious process to go through the pile of rubble. 150 people are working in shifts including members of the military and locals as well as volunteers. they are using heavy machinery to excavate the big pieces of concrete and drill holes and drop cameras down to look around. if they see or smell a body, they stop the machinery and move in by hand. here is more from the commander of the commission, bill hawkins. >> i'm on a search and rescue mission, rescue means bringing out live bodies. there is no better joy than that. there is no greater honor in doing what we are doing now. >> reporter: well, there were 23
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people, at least, that that hotel, that were rescued from the hotel after the quake. few people believe that any more survivors will be pulled from the rubble. >> julie: okay, thank you very much, rick. >> gregg: u.s. military backing up the persian gulf allies against missile strikes from iran. military is increasing capabilities of land-based patriot missiles there. beefing up the presence of ships that can knock out hostile missiles in flight. david petraeus said that ballistic missile criesers are stationed full time in the gulf. the changes are designed to deter iran from taking aggressive action in the region. new videotape surfacing reportedly showing a british couple held by somali pirates.
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59-year-old paul chandler, rachel chandler pleading for help. they were heading to tanzania when they were taken hostage. they are heard pleading for their government to pay the ransom. >> i have spoken to everybody, i don't know what else i can say. please, please, help us. >> gregg: couple says they are being held separately. >> julie: tomorrow, president obama getting set s to send congress $3.8 trillion budget, calling to add money to some programs and freezing money for others. brenda joins us live in the new york city newsroom. tell us about the trees, is this a good idea? >> in theory it is. basically it's coming on after
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we have done a huge spending free. after spending a trillion dollars on job stimulus, considering another $150, then they say they'll put in the freeze, plus the freeze does not extend, biggest budget busters that is medicare and medicaid and social security. i'm not so sure how exactly effective it's going to be. >> julie: will it help the economy more, reducing deficits or debt or greater government spending? >> well, that definitely depends on who you talk to. i think that the deficit and debt are a huge cost to us. we have to reduce government second. best way to create jobs has been proven again and again is to cut taxes. >> julie: in the state of the union address, president obama talked about spending some $30 million, $30 billion, rather, in
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incentives including tax breaks. he put a lot of emphasis on the private sector. if you put money in small businesses, they can hire and reduce the unemployment rate. is that where the focus needs to be in 2010, in private small businesses? >> small businesses is the biggest creators of jobs, period. if you cut their taxes, generally they will hire. some critics say this money would basically be going only to people who are going to hire anyway and they'll be getting a tax credit for it. again it's another burden on the taxpayer. >> julie: and then if the small business doesn't work, that means the government is going to have to come up with more money in order to employ jobs. are we looking for a higher deficit that obama can get the economy back on track and get people hired and going to end up cost particular more money, something that he did not
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foresee a year ago? >> it's interesting. the assumption is, too, that health care will pass. of course, that is a big question mark right now. a year ago, the president said he was going to reduce the deficit to 3% of gdp, right now it's at 9%. >> julie: all right, thank you very much. >> gregg: yemen is the poorest country in the middle east and a lot of folks are turning to a drug habit that is plofg hard to break and creating enormous problems. greg palkot has more on the story. >> a strange thing happens every half in yemen, people buy bags of leaves and they chew and chew. it's a stimulant and relaxant at the same time. illegal in the u.s. and elsewhere, it's legal and people love it. >> it gives me energy. >> it makes money for some.
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its multibillion dollar a year. most women use it and spend a few dollars a day on it. jobs are scarce. in a country to fight other terror, they make a con serltd effort. it's a great goof-off aid for khat. >> those are khat trees and one of the problems with khat is they require a lot of water and a country where that resource is very scarce. >> khat cultivation takes up land that could be used up land for other crops. some called for education, taxing it, even regulating but banning the stuff, no way. no one can do that. everyone here chooses khat. some say khat causes the problems here. people weren't using it and noticed how bad things were,
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people the would really get chewed out. >> gregg: coming up, what the white house is now saying about the decision to try khalid shaikh mohammed and other suspected terrorists in new york city and why this isn't the only major issue that the administration is changing it's tune.
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>> julie: let's take a look at the stories. new reports that the leader of the taliban in pakistan is dead. pakistan's army trying to confirm that he was killed in a u.s. drone missile strike earlier this week. >> problems from toyota's recall reaching overseas. france's largest automaker
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recalling 100,000 cars to replace the gas pedals. the company calling the move a preventative measure. florida's governor saying hundreds of earthquake victims are being flown from haiti, this after the u.s. military says it stopped medical evacuation flights for the critically injured. governor charlie crist emphasizing no hospital in florida has turned away patients. >> gregg: the obama administration may be doing a serious reversal regarding the terror trials in new york city. khalid shaikh mohammed and four others supposing on trial a few blocks from ground zero after weeks of objections, white house appears to be changing course. it's not only the about-face. joining me is former white counsel to george h.w. bush.
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how big of a miss calculation was this and how much will this hurt the president politically? >> i think it was a serious miss calculation. burr if he begins to approach these kind of terrorism issues in the right manner, i think he will be fine going forward in the future. he has to correct the difficulties, which is that his placing is looking at this through law enforcement. it's really a war on terrorism. >> gregg: it was eric holder that was recommending they be tried in civilian court and he made the announcement in uncover that the venue would in fact be new york city. it was holder that decided to read the christmas day bomber his miranda rights instead of treating him as a terrorist. how much is this going to hurt eric holder and will there be calls for him to step down?
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>> if he doesn't begin to approach this, as i say, in a matter that is constant in the condition with the war on terror, there could be growing calls. the appointment to the justice does not cooperate with the intelligence community in ways that would permit to us see a much better picture of terrorism across the world. it isn't just not catching a bomber or not putting the trial in the right place or getting intelligence from him, it's across the board in terms of how we gather information about our enemies. >> gregg: it's not just the 9/11 trials. the president repeatedly vowed to end no bid contracts, then he awarded one to a lucrative company to a contributor to his campaign. the secretary of state admitted that he had violated campaign
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promises. is this a pattern that seems to be developing, reversal on several fronts? >> there is a pattern of a broken, set of broken promises on the commitment to more transparency. this is an example of it. i think a bigger example is the secret deal or the secret deals that were concluded in connection with healthcare which poisoned the well and made it very difficult for the president to get his program passed in which contributed to the election loss in massachusetts. the transparency is a good promise to make, but you have to keep it. the american public are going to be on top of you. >> gregg: speaking of transparency, in baltimore he was confronted by republican lawmakers in a candidate obama had promised to tell vice final healthcare negotiations. you have a valid point, he said i didn't fulfill that campaign
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room either. i went through a list, no signing statements as he promised, took him six weeks. reduce earmarks, it took less than six weeks to break that one. allowing five days of public comment before signing bills, that has been broken and restricting former lobbyists from serving in his administration, that was broken, as well. have you ever seen that many promises broken by a president in his first term? >> it's a lot. hypocrisy is the name of the game in washington and no administration, republican or democrat is free of having to go back on things that were committed in the campaign but openness to the american people, that is not a hard thing to keep. openness to the american people he must do better. >> gregg: good to see you. >> julie: the housing bubble is
4:25 pm
not stopping people from jumping back into the real estate game. casey siegle is live. >> would you buy a house, pay cash for it without stepping inside? believe it or not, a trend sweeping the southwest. we've got that story coming your way next here on america's news headquarters. but i don't remember.
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through treatment... my life's a whole lot brighter now... brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services.
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>> gregg: time for top of the news. a moderate earthquake shook people out of their beds in remote china. registering 5.2. one person was killed. more than hundred homes were damaged. >> julie: they are digging out of a winter wallop, between four to ten inches fell in the state of tennessee, one of the worst storms they have seen in years. >> gregg: and afghanistan's president is extending an olive branch to the taliban and hamid karzai asking them to lay down
4:29 pm
their weapons and to crack down on the insurgency. despite the weak housing market and perhaps because of it it's back in a big way. high stakes investment strategy, it's not for everyone. there is a lot of folks who need to know something about it before diving in. casey is live in mesa, arizona. >> good to see you. this new trend we're talking about is sweeping the southwest with nevada, arizona and california having the highest foreclosure rates in the country. here is where things are different than a few years ago, when average joes were flipping houses at the height of the housing bubble. then almost anyone could buy a home from a loan from a bank. in order to buy a foreclosure, you got to pay in full. obviously, that is not for everyone, even though you get crazy deals, you have to sometimes shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cold, hard cash.
4:30 pm
>> you can't just jump in and make money. i've been here 30 years, you have to know the region you are buying in and know you can sell it really quick at a decent margin. >> on any given day, dozens of investors gathering in the courthouse where public auctions of foreclosed auctions happen. main hitch is not the money part. you can't see inside the house before you buy, so investors literally don't know what they are getting. >> you don't get a home inspection. you don't get a walk through the house, you can't enter the house. you've got to know the property and what you think it's worth and hopefully you can peek through the windows and there is nothing hidden that you don't see. there are risks, absolutely. >> reporter: the banks that own the homes, sets the bid.
4:31 pm
one success story, he got a home worth $1.3 million, he bought it for $486,000 and then later sold it for nearly $700,000. so there is certainly is some money to be made here. >> gregg: how depress is the housing market where you are in mesa? judging by the people there, trying to take advantage of the foreclosed homes, it looks like a lot of folks were interested? >> to be honest, the situation is not good. listen to this, on any given day about 500 homes are scheduled to be foreclosed in maricopa county alone. so a tremendous number of foreclosures, again, this is highest, one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. people are taking advantage of it, but a lot of people are losing their homes which is too sad. >> gregg: it was 18 degrees when
4:32 pm
i walked to work, mesa is looking pretty good. >> it's 70 today. >> gregg: thanks for rubbing it in. with the short sleeves. good to see you. >> julie: creating new jobs, number one priority for president obama. he calling for a program that would give $30 billion in incentives including tax breaks that hire workers. he spoke about his plan in the state of the union address. listen. >> financing remains difficult for small business owners across the country. even those that are making a profit. so tonight, i'm proposed proposing that we take $30 billion of the money that wall street banks have repaid and give community banks to businesses the credit they need. >> julie: companies don't seem to be in the hiring mood these days. these numbers are the proof. take a look at the unemployment
4:33 pm
rate. it's been holding steady about 10% since last fall. a double digit that ain't going away overnight. is there anything the government can do? so you know, we just heard president obama making it very clear that the next step is to invest in the private sector, tax breaks apparently. he believes can allow private employers to do more hiring. is that going to be enough? >> no, i don't think it's going to be enough. i do believe it's an important step in the right direction and i think an important change that we're seeing, maybe i'm overreacting to it. i'm hopeful this is an important change. the focuses of the administration, away from jobs in the $787 billion stimulus package and toward providing truthfully small business people so they can go out and hire new
4:34 pm
workers and expand their businesses, buy equipment and inventory that creates jobs with suppliers. >> julie: what else can the government do or what else they should do? >> an important thing at this point, i was watching with great interest your previous segment, people are secretary late inning real estate -- that wasn't happening a year ago. people are getting more confident. you have to restore confidence in the businesses community. an important step would be to tone down some of the anti-business rhetoric, maybe stop calling people fat cats and things like that. instead, start commending people for starting businesses, creating jobs and put a positive spin on the roll of the 'sprur. >> what if businesses don't hire people and the unemployment rate was the same as it was a year ago. the government might have to add
4:35 pm
to the federal payroll to bring down the unemployment rate, that is a proven technique, but a no-no since 1980s when government was an enduring target. if small businesses aren't the solution, what is? >> small business historically in modern times create more than two-thirds of all the new jobs that are created in this country. while federal government jobs pay well and have great benefits actually the expansion of that has to have some kind of limit in a free market economy. we're probably at or beyond that limit right now. what we need entrepreneurs starting new businesses, hiring people putting those people to work at good salaries and then those people go out and spend money and that chris more opportunity for more new businesses. in addition to this plan, president has said he would stand behind an idea to reduce capital gains taxes for small
4:36 pm
businesses and possibly an investment tax credit like john kennedy did some 50 years ago. i think this is an important new direction the administration appears to be taking. >> julie: 2010 will be all about jobs. health care hasn't passed. it's a little disconcerting. president obama could add to the federal payroll, hiring contract workers, direct money to state and local governments so they can hire, he can direct money to projects that need workers. he can also give tax credits to businesses that hire now. but here is the problem -- because no matter how much he focuses on jobs in 2010 he is going to need the cooperation of congress. congress has been busy trying to pass a health care reform, are they going to do it and have the cooperation? are they going to have the time? >> look, i think there is
4:37 pm
certainly evidence there has been an effort to stop everything the president wants to do. i know a lot of folks have complained that is the case. i'm not sure, i'm not congress and i don't know what is in people's heads. i think we're beginning to see some signs that both sides of the aisle want to see job creation and are concerned about it. there is a new proposal we've seen from senators hatch and shoe her which is interesting bipartisan combination to suspend social security payroll taxes on small businesses. i think that would be very good to help stimulate for folks to hire new employees. >> julie: all right, joe, thank you very much for talking to us. >> gregg: it feels more like the north pole down south, nasty winter storm is heading out to sea after slamming the south and
4:38 pm
mid-atlantic seaboard. folks in north carolina, they broke up to 11 degrees this morning. 13 degrees is predicted for tonight. that is close to the record of 10 degrees way back in 190 off. mountains got a foot of snow. the snow hammering parts of oklahoma, virginia state police report a flurry of accidents o along interstate 81. three inches thick of ice. our nation's capital, blanketed with more than five inches of snow. kind of pretty. >> julie: it is pretty but it gets messy really quickly. >> windy city hosting polar plunges taking place around the country. around 200 people taking to the icy waters of lake michigan. gregg, i'm looking for you. all these people.
4:39 pm
it's part of the lake polar bear club plunge. which i's plunge raises money for families struggling with tough economic times. air temperature was in the mid to high 20s for the swim. water temperature was actually warmer, it was around 33 degrees, a balmy dip in the sea. >> gregg: that will wake you up. all right, i know you were kraiflg in this morning, a con cubs of sheep organs cooked in the lining of sheep's stomach. mmm, good. you're not going to be able to get it. they will not overturn 21 year ban on the scottish specialty of hag gives. the ban may be overturned but sadly just not to be over the great scottish poet robbie burns had to say about all of the -- i can't do the accent. they banned all food from that
4:40 pm
back in 1971. >> julie: all right. >> actor and singer, will smith has sued for considering -- a career in politics. considering a move from hollywood to d.c. move over schwarzenegger. the star of men in black, decided making movies was a whole lot of fun. now smith's wife tells a german magazine, he could imagine being president of the united states. he adds he was not joking. >> gregg: you know, he helped save the world when they were flying those fighter jets, right? along with nuclear missiles. >> julie: we'll have to wait and see. >> gregg: social networking sites getting a lot of folks in
4:41 pm
trouble in the workplace. coming up, a quick visit to facebook can get you fired. a p. and you have a heart attack. that's what happened to me. i'm on an aspirin regimen now. my doctor told me it's the easiest preventative thing you can do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. see your doctor. simple. before you begin an aspirin regimen. get wrapped up in the luscious taste of butternut squash, blended with delicate herbs. v8 golden butternut squash. from campbell's. a soup so velvety and delicious you won't be able to contain yourself. campbell's v8 soups.
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>> gregg: even a snowstorm could not stop visitors from the national zoo to say bye-bye to a popular panda. leaving to china where he'll part of a breeding program. visitors came around the country for the farewell celebration. he is the only panda born at the zoo to survive. if you are worried that you spending too much time on sites like facebook. it turns out it could cost you a job. as doug smith from tampa, florida, your boss could be spying on your computer without you even knowing it.
4:45 pm
>> can't wait to message your friend, maybe you should, because the boss could be watching. companies these days are trying to squeeze out more productivity and one way to do that is to limit the time employees are able to spend on social websites >> facebook for ten minutes out of day, that is ten minutes we're going to cut time off. >> they say, that the policy set by one of his clients. >> are you finding that more and more companies are seeking to do things like that? >> yes. this week, i think we got two requests from two different customers. we need to know what is going on. >> in some ways they are like big brother. what employees are looking while on the clock. >> some are telling them and some are not. >> and it sets up the boss to
4:46 pm
look over your shoulder right from his or her office. >> they can watch what the individual is doing from a completely different flow floor. >> is that legal? >> it's entirely legal. you put on the monitor on. >> a professor teaches law at stetson, he says nothing is completely private when you work for a private company and you are using the company's computer. >> whatever goes on during normal work hours with the employer's equipment is a matter to control. >> what if you are following orders? >> some people encourage employees to go on facebook to publish the company itself. so it depends on what you expect the employee is doing. the law is not keeping up with the practical reality. >> he says business is good, not
4:47 pm
in spite of tough times but because of them. employers want to get their money's worth. in one case, they set up surveillance on an employee and found out that during a seven hour shift that employees spend six hours surfing on facebook. >> i suspect the employee to be productive. there is going to be less reason to start investigating you. >> so if you are tempted to add friends or perhaps confirm plans -- it might be best to ignore them until your free time. doug smith, fox news. >> julie: a recent survey of employees with a facebook page, 75% use it during work hours. and out of those doing so 13% said they had an actual business reason to use it. facebook, are you on facebook. >> gregg: no. i never looked at anyone's facebook. >> julie: i'm not really
4:48 pm
interested in updates, people write in, i'm walking the dog right now. do people care? >> gregg: gop is hoping to gain a majority in the house of representatives in the midterm elections. the number of seats republicans would have to win and what the latest polls are saying, next. of butternut squash, blended with delicate herbs. v8 golden butternut squash. from campbell's. a soup so velvety and delicious you won't be able to contain yourself. campbell's v8 soups. transform drinks you want, into cold medicine you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus.
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>> julie: let's take a look at the stories. new reports that the leader of the taliban in pakistan is dead. pakistan's army is trying to con confirm whether he was killed during a drone missile strike earlier this week. >> problems from toyota's recall. france's largest auto maker recalling 100,000 cars to
4:52 pm
replace gas pedals. it involves two models produced in a joint venture with toyota. >> florida's governor are saying hundreds of earthquake victims are being flown in from haiti. this after military says it stopped flights for the critically injured. charlie crist are emphasizing that no hospitals have turned away patients. the republican party gaining momentum after scott brown's big victory in massachusetts. does it have enough to control the house and fall election? the gop would need 40 new seats to pull it off. >> gregg: according to the later rasmussen polls, such an outcome is very likely. 35% somewhat likely, 26% say it's not very likely to happen. independent pollster scott rasmussen joins us now.
4:53 pm
scott, good to see you. so you add them together, 61%, how many are those republicans engaging in wishful thinking and how many democrats think it will happen? >> about half the democrats think it's somewhat likely republicans will wind up in charge. 26% say very likely to happen. that is probably a little bit of post massachusetts foreyeah. it's a difficult uphill climb for republicans to gain control even though it's likely to be a good year for them. >> julie: so very likely 26% that the gop will take the majority in the house. how about generic ballot looking ahead to the elections, republicans are becoming more popular apparently than they were let's say a week ago, right? >> these numbers, 46-37, give them a nine-point edge, that is a big edge from a generic ballot
4:54 pm
but a lot of it has to do with independents in 2006 and 2008 voted against the party in power. in 2009 they did the same thing, so far in 2010, they lining up to do the same thing. only difference is which party is in power. what we're really seeing is not so much good news for the republicans as the rejection of republicans and democrats. >> how do republican lawmakers and democrat lawmakers? >> 70% of republican lawmakers have lost touch with the base. the average republican in conscious is more liberal than the average republican voter. talk about a gap in perceptions, democratic voters tend to think those republicans in congress are too conservative compared to the republican base. >> julie: speaking of democratic voters, how do they see democratic lawmakers, are they in touch or not? >> a majority of democrats say their top congressional representatives are in touch with the party base. the difference is that democrats
4:55 pm
tend to want their congressmen to go to washington and get something done. that is prevailing mood in washington. republicans often wanted their congressman to stop things from getting done and that runs into a culture clash. >> gregg: you continue to measure approval, disapproval for the president. how does it measuring currently? >> right now, the president overall approval at 50%, highest it's been since november. he is enjoying a little bit of a bounce since giving the state of the union address, up four points. >> julie: how strongly do people feel about that? >> 33% strongly approve, that is the best number for the president in four months. 40% strongly disapprove. the bounce since the state of the union address coming almost exclusively from democrats. the strong disapproval number from other voters, that has gone up since the state of the union.
4:56 pm
>> julie: scott rasmussen, thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> gregg: the automaker with one of best reputations for quality and customer satisfaction taking an enormous hit with a huge recall. how can toyota recover with a massive blow. brenda butner joins us about that next. >> it's a little frustrating because i'm here to sell cars but i don't want to put something on the road that is not safe. when you have a drug or alcohol problem,
4:57 pm
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brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> julie: i'm julie bandaras, welcome back to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: top of the news, white house an top capitol hill lawmakers speaking out on where to hold the trials or gitmo detainees, accused of being behind the 9/11 attacks. where the debate stands now. >> julie: is the president getting set to send the 2010 budget to congress. and will freeze spending on dozens of government agencies and also planning to spend more money on trying to bring down the nation's high unemployment. ♪ >> gregg: oh, yeah. a little iron maden, can you hear me, baby boomers facing the
5:00 pm
music on whether their love of loud music and their youth has significant hearing loss as a result. listen up... the answer could surprise you. >> julie: toyota's reputation taking a massive hit in recent days after years spent building a sterling reputation for producing safe and reliable cars, recalling millions of vehicles because of defective gas pedals. and the company now facing hefty financial losses along with growing criticism of how it handles customer safety concerns. and u.s. automakers already making a play for toyota's lost business, gm for example, offering a $1,000 rebate to toyota owners. how will it shake out within the industry, let's ask fox news senior business correspondent, brenda buttner joins us and before toyota had a reputation for being extremely reliable with very safe cars and the way in which it has hand the recall obviously will have huge reper
5:01 pm
cushions. -- repercussion industry wide and how will it affect the auto industry as a whole. >> as you said, toyota's rivals are getting into high gear, basically. trying to steal some of toyota's market share, you saw the gm incentives, ford is following, volkswagen which is up against toyota for global sales, is really trying to take over, too. most people feel that ford will probably be the best beneficiary of what is going on and ford had this first net profit in four years and didn't take a dime of taxpayer money. and gained 1.1% of market share, last year. so, it looks like they may be best positioned to move in and take some of toyota's market share. >> julie: let's talk about the u.s. automakers taking advantage of this, like gm offering $1,000 rebates to toyota owners, and these rebates, will it make the
5:02 pm
huge of -- that huge of a difference, to you do you think. >> in this era when every penny counts, yes. and gm is also offering zero percent financing for five years in addition to people, so, yes, any penny absolutely counts and the other big issue is that toyota has long had a sterling reputation for resale values and people buy it because they know it will hold up when they try and sell it and that is probably not going to be the case. it is probably a little bit too early to know exactly how this is all going to work out. but, that is one issue that the american automakers may try to take advantage of. >> julie: how do you think it might affect jobs? toyota having to shut down sales, and the big three automakers needing government assistance and they employ so many people and with unemployment at such a high rate, how do you think it will affect, if it will, the
5:03 pm
unemployment rate? >> well, toyota has a number of u.s. plants obviously in the south, they are nonunion plants, and you know, they are shutting down production, but it's not nope for how long. they are supposed to step up production, again, in february, and it could take a hit. but, if ford is able to increase its production, as a result of trying to get into the market share of toyota, it could be net-net. i think, actually, the american automakers will do pretty well as a result of this. >> julie: what about toyota? when they finally get through the mess how big of a hit will they take. >> it is tough. one analyst i talked to said it would be about a 1% market share, in the u.s. which can translate into a lot of money. >> julie: yeah, a lot of money they cannot afford especially in this recession. >> right. >> julie: brenda buttner, thank you very, very much. gregg. >> gregg: the white house now promising to consider local opposition when deciding where to hold terrorism trials.
5:04 pm
the administration rethinking its decision to try confessed 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed and his alleged coconspirators a mere few blocks from ground zero in new york city, after weeks of growing opposition from local leaders, and julie kirtz is live there now with this latest. >> reporter: gregg, the obama white house and justice are still looking for options, today, administration officials are saying that no decision has been made yet on moving the trial or changing course and switching to a military court, new york city mayor michael bloomberg as you know, who first started the plan to hold the trial of the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind, khalid closed in new york's federal court, now is asking president obama to rethink this, house senior advisor david axelrod today, is down playing reports confirmed by an administration official on friday, that guantanamo bay is again an option for the expected terror trial of the century.
5:05 pm
>> no discussion of that. you know, i can't tell you where these reports are coming from but they don't reflect any discussions that i'm aware of. >> reporter: administration officials today will not say officially that new york city is out or in for the trial and meanwhile, key congressional players from both parties have little support for a trial in new york city so close to the world trade center attacks. >> i think this is one of those things that sounded good in theory and in practice doesn't work. >> so this is a mistake, he's making the wrong decision and will give khalid sheikh mohammed a propaganda tool to help the terrorists and not u.s. citizens. >> reporter: sources say the president plans to include $200 million for the 9/11 trials in his budget plan out on monday and the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell, predicts congress will reject funding for terror suspect trials held in civilian criminal courts, back to you. >> gregg: julie kirtz, thanks. >> julie: members of a u.s.
5:06 pm
church group detained in haiti, accused of trying to abduct orphans and violating imation laws and the group, seen here, says it had good intentions when it tried to take 33 children across the border, in the dominican republic, to safety. and laura ingle is live in our new york city newsroom and is following the latest, hi there, laura. >> reporter: the senior pastor of the idaho church where most of the americans came from held a news conference last hour and said they are still waiting for word on what will happen to the group of baptists accused of possible child trafficking and five men and five women are detained as a -- at the judicial police headquarters in the haitian capital, set to appear before a judge tomorrow on accusations of taking part in an illegal adoption scheme, after they were apprehended trying cross into the dominican republican. the 33 children range in age from 2 to 12 and were taken to an orphanage run by an austrian based orphanage in
5:07 pm
port-au-prince and staff are trying to locate any possible living family members and some of the children were sick and dehydrated and one girl reportedly thought he was going to some kind of summer camp when she boarded the bus. >> i have confidence in our people that dent that they would -- went that they would not do anything knowingly illegal and to the best of my knowledge were doing what they believed was the right thing to do, because these kid were indeed orphans. >> reporter: as far as the haitian prime minister, to personally authorize the departure of any child to prevent trafficking and officials stopped the group because that lacked the proper documents and they were arrested and the ten american baptists work with the haitian orphan rescue mission charity say they have permission from the dominican republic government to bring the children to an orphanage billed in the dr and the -- built in the dr and they say it is an abduction and not
5:08 pm
any kind of adoption and haiti has a history of children being taken and are sold to become servants, or worse. >> gregg: a taliban leader is dead in afghanistan and the death of hak mehsud, he appeared in a picture and killed 7 people in islamabad. >> reporter: intelligence officials telling us that he is dead, but, the pakistani military saying they are going to have to carry out in a investigation before they can confirm that he is dead, a source on the ground in the tribal areas said hakimullah mehsud was injured in a drone strike and died from his wounds that and source said he was transported from the site of the attack in south waziristan to his in laws house in a tribal area and he died there and was
5:09 pm
buried last week and h drone strike was two weeks after a bombing at a base and he was next to the double agent who carried out this attack and the double agent said the attack was retaliation for another bomb strike that killed his predecessor and he was helping with the bombing and the largest single loss of life for the cia for the 190s and hakimullah mehsud is blamed for terror attacks in pakistan that killed hundreds and today they denied that he was killed an he had a $500,000 bounty on his head and he's the second taliban leader to be killed in five months and last summer we saw disarray when this first leader was killed and most likely we will not see that kind of confusion because hakimullah mehsud and two other men were named as potential successors to mehsud and if he
5:10 pm
is confirmed dead, one of two more will be named as the leader. >> gregg: scott, thanks. >> julie: a fox news exclusive with military lives on the line every day on the battlefield, a well trained medic can make all the difference, anita vogel got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how a hospital helps medics prepare before they deploy. here's her report. >> reporter: every day, the streets of los angeles yield injuries similar to those troops face on the battlefield. >> traumatic brain injuries, and severe gunshot wound injuries. stab injuries... >> reporter: that's why the navy trains doctors, nurses and corpsmen from all over the world at county usc hospital, before they ship out to the war zone. >> this is one of the busiest and most intense emergency rooms in the country. and, right now, members of the navy are working side by side with the doctors here to treat a young woman who just came in with a stab wound.
5:11 pm
>> this is very relevant and we could see something like this, whether in iraq, afghanistan, wherever we are deployed. >> in coming... >> reporter: the three week program includes battlefield simulation and autopsies and going on round and because of the nature of injuries, the burn unit is one of the most essential parts of the training. >> we've had 3-4 different people who e-mail, texted us back from iraq saying they learned stuff here they were able to use to treat people on the front lines. >> reporter: in return for use of the hospital, usc gets extra hands from the navy, in the most traumatic of situation. and the intensive care unit, they helped to save the life of the 11-year-old boy, accidentally shot at gross range. really life experience, these sailors need to be prepared for war. >> have you ever been on the battlefield, combat zone before. >> i have not been in the combat zone, this will be the first first time i'm in the combat
5:12 pm
zone. >> reporter: she's headed to afghanistan and her colleagues will get their marching orders in the next year and the hope is they head out armed with a new sense of confidence. >> i think i'll be much more prepared than i was before this course, definitely. >> reporter:en los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> gregg: part of the south are glad to see it go away, the storm that dumped snow and freezing rain and sleet, all the way from texas to washington is heading out to sea but it caused plant of problems, 20 inches of snow fell in the mountains of north carolina and the governor declaring a state of emergency and calling out the national guard. in oklahoma, ice and downed power lines were a huge headache. it could be all most a week before people there get their power back, and the governor is asking for federal disaster money to clean up the mess. >> julie: back on the ice the u.s. pond hockey tournament in minneapolis, finally getting under way. after some unseasonably warm
5:13 pm
weather. postponing the event. last week. the tournament is considered the largest outdoor pond hack competition in the nation. today the winner took home the coveted golden shovel award! >> gregg: president obama saying cutting the deficit is a priority this year and he is prepared to hand congress the budget proposal for the 2011 fiscal year tomorrow, is he in for a fight on capitol hill? because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take ca of.
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5:16 pm
>> julie: this is a "fox news alert." we are gathering word from the white house, that it will resume medical evacuation flights from haiti to the united states, and the need is great the haitian government said there are 200,000 injuries from the earthquake and right now the united states government is currently working and they have
5:17 pm
u.s. personnel that have so far seen nearly 23,000 patients in haiti, and they have suspended those medical evacuation flights a short time ago and will resume them, i understand, about in the next 12 hours, and florida, for example, the governor there, charlie crist said none of their hospitals will deny any patients whatsoever. so we're waiting to hear more on the numbers of the haitian injured and how many will be brought into the united states, u.s. doing everything it can, though, to help. the u.s. military, apparently, had halted humanitarian mission on wednesday because of medical care costs and that obviously frustrating a lot of people on the ground in haiti, especially doctors, who are there, they are there to help and don't have the medical supplies, and of course the hospitals also tumbled in the earthquake and they don't have the hands on deck or the equipment more so to help all of these people, that badly, badly need medical assistance. we'll have more on this, as soon
5:18 pm
as we get more information. >> gregg: stories making headlines at this hour. american regulators clearing toyota's fix for their sticky accelerator problems, according to the company. a selective spacer or shim as it is known will be used to fix the faulty gas pedal. and russian police are breaking up a massive protest, several hundred anti-kremlin demonstrators filling up a central square in moscow. they were denouncing the policies of the russian president, dmitry medvedev and his predecessor, vladimir putin, at least 100 people detained and reports today the white house is looking into other location to hold the 9/11 terror trials and the trial expected to take place, right near ground zero. lawmakers from both sides saying other spa
5:19 pm
other spots should be considered because of security concerns. >> julie: the president will hand over the budget proposal to congress tomorrow, it totals $3.8 trillion and how will it likely to be received on capitol hill, white house correspondent, thank you for joining us, and the president will send the 2011 budget to congress and he promise to freeze spending on dues of government agencies, but then, he also plans to spend more money on trying to bring down the nation's high unemployment. and, how does he go about doing both of those? >> well, as he indicated in the state of this union address he's going to be duoing small-bore initiatives and none of the spending increase and entitlement growth and have come to the realization there is only so much the government can do, to pump-prime minister the economy but you'll see a lot of efforts targeted at small
5:20 pm
business and middle class americans and by that, they tend to think of them in the 80 t$8 1 $100,000 household income category. >> julie: deficits over the next decade will average 4.5% of the size of the economy, the level economists are saying is dangerously high. >> yes, it is and i think the concern about the deficit has gotten to the point where the president, himself, proposed freezing the discretionary domestic accounts that don't have to do with national security. so, they can still spend normally unfrozen on pentagon and veterans programs and homeland security, but, on a lot of other areas like internally, housing, transportation, education, they will be taking a very careful look. >> julie: and the federal budget we're told by the white house, includes $20 billion in savings yet also include that spending i was talking about, to stimulate the economy, in particular, jobs which will be the president's focus for 2010.
5:21 pm
now, when he presents all of this to congress, there are obviously -- there will be no doubt, a hard sell for the president. during the current economic strain, how should the president sell this to capitol hill? >> well, given the -- i wouldn't give him advice, he knows how he'll do it and will cloak a lot of this in the mantle of jobs, jobs, jobs and for example his energy program climate change efforts will be cloaked with the promise of creating new jobs through development of advanced biofuels and clean coal technology and carbon sequestration and will not talk about fancy cap-and-trade schemes because that is a turn off at least the polls suggest and all of these efforts will be designed with a pitch that it will bring us to a different, more process psperous point ahe time. >> julie: and it could lead to a number of responses from notoriously partisan lawmakers on capitol hill when they cannot come up with a decision on health care and now have to deal with this and how will it play
5:22 pm
out between republicans and democrats? >> well, the way it always does, even within the democrats. i mean, the parochial spend decision affect things in members' districts and affects the members' prospects of getting reelected and will be interesting to see whether the leadership and appropriators, who control where the discretionary spending goes will rally behind the president or go in different direction and usually it is a year long debate and the budget will not kick in until next fall and we'll have to see. sensitive time, though. >> julie: the president imposes a spending freeze on many government programs, at the same time, though, he needs to raise tax on who? the wealthy class, and is that going to go over well among republicans? >> well, it may not. then again they don't control either chamber and other than protesting a great deal and making a lot of noise, he has not been shy about saying he wants to extend the 2001-2003 tax cuts indefinitely except for the top two brackets and it will
5:23 pm
be interesting to see whether the tax-writing committee follows through or does a simple one-year extension and it reflects the scoring of the budget calculation and may be less of a hit in terms of reduced revenue coming into the government and we have to see how that goes. >> julie: and we talk about the $30 billion that he wants to propose into -- as we've talked about all day today, putting money into small businesses and giving them tax breaks and is that something that will fold into this? >> well, i mean, it is a popular appeal. i mean, they've spent the last year helping wall street, big banks, automakers and he's trying to strike a populous ton by saying, yes, we care about small businesses and about working families who may be a little too wealthy to qualify for government aid and are not the beneficiaries of other tax policies we have seen enacted in the last decade and it is a populous pitch and has policy substance behind it. >> julie: the details of the administration's budget we will not get until tomorrow but a lot of money will be there to use and you cannot rely solely on
5:24 pm
small business to take us out of recession and employ 15 million people and there will be an additional $100 billion to attack painfully high unemployment numbers. how will this government use this money to work it back into the economy, to get people jobs, exactly? >> well, i mean, they'll be targeted spending initiatives they say will bring about a lot of the immediate employment and long term sustained recovery. and they are take the areas where they feel it is worth investing in k-12 education, high-speed rail. and they are cutting areas they think are wasteful, like coming up with a new generation, launch vehicle, to replace the shuttle and the nasa budget. the question is, how this will affect the parochial decisions that are made every day, in the house and senate, and, it is a blueprint and not a final thing, a fait accompli and there will be a lot of tweaking even among the democratic leaders before it becomes soup.
5:25 pm
>> julie: thank you very much. >> gregg: the weak economy catching up to the crystal cathedral, meg ka church founded by -- mega church, suffering a $8 million drop in revenue and is pulling the program, "hour of power" from some station and taking measures to make up for the short fall. it has aired 40 years and will continue on cable networks like lifetime and tbn as well as broadcast television markets, including california, and colorado, and florida, and ohio. >> julie: it was one of the nicest places to stay in haiti and now the hotel montana is a pile of broken concrete and dreams and to some americans, it might also en tomb their missing family members and gas pedal problems may be driving toyota straight into court. we'll explain when we come back. sfx: coin drop
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it's how business gets into the rhythm of saving. regions it's time to expect more.
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>> gregg: bottom of the hour and time top to the news and the
5:29 pm
white house is willing to spend an additional $100 billion, to chip away at unemployment. tomorrow, when president obama send his 2011 budget to congress, it will provide more money to pull the country out of a recession. the president's budget comes with a $3.8 trillion price tag. >> julie: the pakistani army is investigating reports the leader of the taliban in pakistan, hakimullah mehsud, may have been killed in a drone attack, if confirmed the militant's death could deal insurgents a severe set back. >> gregg: time to clean up from yesterday's major winter symptom and the system dumping snow, ice, freezing rain from oklahoma to the carolinas, even up to new jersey. >> julie: breaking news, on the haitian relief efforts, the white house now saying medical evacuations which were suspended on wed because of cost concerns will resume within the next 12 hours. rick leventhal is live in port-au-prince and what is the latest on the evacuations?
5:30 pm
>> reporter: well, we should point out commercial and private planes were still bringing patients from haiti to the united states. but, these military flights were halted because of a dispute over where the patients would go and who would pay for it and there were some states that suggested they could no longer afford to pay for the costly operation, and on -- on injured haitian and now the white house says these military flights will resume, in the next 12 hours and they say they received assurances that the capacity exists both here and among our international partners and the critical -- so the critical flights can resume and we heard from a doctor who said there were 100 critically ill patients who might die in the next day or two if the medevaced flights which are a big part of the effort to bring them to the u.s. were halted and now, good news, the flights apparently will resume within the next 12 hours. >> and we understand a lot of americans have been staying at the hotel montana. a lot of them don't know if their loved ones are either dead
5:31 pm
or alive. what can you tell us about that situation? >> reporter: well, we got a look at the montana today for the first time in quite some time and it is a controlled scene, we know there were 17 americans inside the hotel and dues more from around the world, who were trapped when this five-story structure pan caked. and they have been searching through the rubble now, for more than two weeks, and we know that there were many survivors found early on but there was virtually no hope of finding survivors any longer, we don't know how many of the americans have been recovered to date but we know, they've recovered at least 25 bodies, including one today, and we heard today from bill hawkins who is in charge of the effort and here he is: >> you get emotionally attach after a while, you know? we are search and rescue and i'm on a search and rescue team and rescue means bringing out live bodies and there is no better joy than that.
5:32 pm
but there is no greater honor than doing what we're doing now. >> reporter: bill hawkins with the army corps of engineers getting emotional as he discussed the efforts to recover bodies from the hotel montana, 120 to 150 people working shifts from kw a.m. to 6:00 p.m. -- 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. trying to respect these americans and the rest of the people who were lost when the hotel collapsed. >> julie: rick leventhal reporting live from port-au-prince. thank you very much. gregg. >> gregg: toyota facing major financial repercussions after massive recalls and production freezes on some of the most popular models, the japanese automaker also finding itself in legal hot water. problems with floor mats and faulty gas pedals are reportedly blamed for more than 2 dozen deaths and now, toyota's handling of customer safety concerns is being called into question, hear now to talk about it, defense attorney david wolf and fox news legal analyst
5:33 pm
mercedes colwin, you have 9.5 million automobiles in all, that are recalled. to the plaintiffs who have been damaged have to prove negligence or is it what you call strict liability. >> you hit it on the head. it is strict liability. there is already admission by toyota there is a design defect and they are saying there is a design defect and we'll recall the cars though the president of toyota has gone on the record and said, this is very rare, and we have -- there are many cars that are in -- 2007 alone, toyota sold 9.4 million cars worldwide. and, this recall is only half of that and that is one year alon and do the math and we are talking a recall over three year, spans back to 2004 and there's lots of cars and he came forward and said my experts said it is rare but they face strict liabili
5:34 pm
liability. >> gregg: what if the manufacturer was not negligent in make the product defect or had nothing to do with the design defect either of which resulted in the recall? >> gregg, the strict liability means they'll be paying out and get out the checkbook that and problem with toyota is they are admitting liability and saying, maybe it was the floor mat or accelerator pedal and more and more say it may have been corrosion in a throttle and they had the opportunity to replace them on all cars several years ago and decided just to do it to a few, relative few and not cars on the road, gregg and if they had knowledge, preexisting knowledge of a defect and failed 0 disclose that defect, punitive damages could kick in and i have to tell you, even theoretically it could turn into a criminal case if they acted in reckless disregard for the drivers of their cars. >> gregg: mer mercedes, you have a lot of people who allegedly died, and what if toyota knew of the defect and failed to
5:35 pm
disclose the material fact to those using their product. >> that may be the case but if you look at the history here, though, there is no evidence of that and no evidence that there are damages, prospectively, that they'll be rendered, why, because experts are saying, wait, we inspected these cars and there are hundreds of millions of dollars we put into research and development of the cars and we have absolutely no idea there had been a defect and imagine, 9.4 million cars in commerce one year alon ae and three or four years, that is 40 million cars and look, of the number of people injured, 314 injured versus 36 million cars and obviously it's not something so systemic in the production of that car, that is really problematic. >> i'm not buying it. >> gregg: why. >> i'm not buying that because, they really only reacted when they were painted into a corner and they have done everything they can to prevent recalls in the past and frank there were
5:36 pm
more government related recalls due to the sudden acceleration problem with toyota than with all other car manufacturers combined and this is a serious, serious problem and the ceo of toyota is -- just got on the air -- >> this is the largest number recall in history and you cannot say they are irresponsible. the corporation stepped forward and said we are going to recall the cars because we see the problem and this is not recklessness. >> people have died, to, after 19 people died and these wrecks have been relatively horrific, on the scale. i mean, a chp officer in california, and three family members just died in a horrible crash where the car was engulfed in florida is and they think it was due to the corrosion in the accelerator, or the throttle. and that is something that they are not taking responsibility for. >> look how many cars there are in commerce versus the number of individuals and i'm not trying 0 minimize what happened to the individuals but we have to look at this. logistically, look at the empirical data and if you have 40 million cars over a four year
5:37 pm
period, toyota alone and you have 100 individuals, 300 individuals injured, this is not reckless, and this is a corporation stepping up and saying we see a problem and we'll recall all of them -- >> gregg: assume for a moment, david, let me ask you how the case will unfollowed now, will there be a class-action lawsuit of some sort. >> yes. >> gregg: or will toyota try and settle injuries and wrongful deaths and simply provide minor compensation to all others who have been inconvenienced by the recall? >> i think it is a combination thereof. >> class -- >> go ahead, david. >> exactly there is a class action now, going on and of course, there is also wrongful death on behalf of 19 families of 19 people who died and 341 people injured and my guess is it will not go to trial and toyota will cut a massive global settlement check, to get rid of it and look, toyota had an incredible reputation for reliability and hopefully they'll get back. >> gregg: how does it get
5:38 pm
settled. >> they'll put something in a publication and send a mail and a huge circular and send it out to customers and say for $200 we'll give you a rebate and we see that and we'll correct the problem and sorry for the problems you have had and here's a rebate to purchase your next toyota car. >> gregg: and the plaintiffs lawyers make out like bandits, financially. >> goodness, absolutely, they will make it all, because and class action they get a percentage of the recovery and we are talking -- $100 million, you have $20 million in attorneys fees, right off the top. >> they are doing a lot of hard work, and these class action cases, take it from someone who did them, it requires a tremendous amount of work and they'll earn every penny. >> gregg: it did you get to be a little bit exorbitant. and by the way, you know, it gets passed along to secures in one form or another. over with price costs, or insurance. david and mer saucedes, good to
5:39 pm
you both. >> julie: books are dis appearing from's virtual shelves, "wolf hall" and "the politician" are no longer sold through amazon and mcmillan is one publisher criticizing amazon's $9.99 price tag for best-selling e-books on this kindle. and it's not just affecting the e-book sales, new copies of mcmillan, hard and soft covers are apparently being pulled as well. >> gregg: a fox exclusive, never before broadcast videotape inside the vatican archives, movies like angels and demons, made the vatican archives more mysterious and this is the last time they've been able to shoot inside the archives and fox's greg burke was there. >> reporter: the archives are not as exciting as "angels and demons", but they hold a number of treasures and they are getting a lot less secret and you can take a virtual tour of the archives on the web site.
5:40 pm
and the vatican recently brought in a belgian publisher to reproduce some of the most important documents in "the vatican secret archives." a new book and the monsignor said it was important to do away with the mystery and show them as they really are. the book includes records of galileo's trial and note from mick anglo complaining he was -- michelangelo complaining he was lateen getting paid and, there is a message to the pope by native americans and 1863 letter from abe lincoln and you can get a feel from the archives from the new book but more has been behind closed doors for centuries and will remain that way. one of the greatest treasures is not a document, but a room, the tower 0 of the winds and you will not see that up close unless you have a friend working inside. the secret archives will certainly be in the news, in years to come as scholars wait to few document from the papacy of pope pious the xii and he was
5:41 pm
pope at the time of the holocaust and archives could hoe what he did or didn't do, to help the jews. in vatican city, greg burke, fox news. >> julie: the housing bubble may have burst but it's not stopping a breed of real estate investors in the southwest, casey steegel has more. >> reporter: it takes a lot of cold, hard cash on hand to do it. we'll break down flipping foreclosures, next. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol... a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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>> gregg: house flipping is making a big come back, investors buying foreclosed homes on the cheap and fixing them up and selling them for a tidy profit. is not always. it can be a risky business requiring a lot of research and serious cash. casey steegel is live in mesa, arizona, and he joins us, casey,
5:45 pm
how is flipping foreclosed homes different than a regular house sat. >> reporter: in a couple of ditch wa different ways, when people bought houses that height of the boom people were take outing mortgages and financing so they could go ahead and make the improvements, when you are buying a foreclosure it is different. there are no mortgages, no loans and you have to pay cash in full, so, if you believe it or not, that is not even the biggest sticking point. what is one of the first things you do when looking at buying a house, having it inspected. right? that is a no-go with buying foreclosures, a lot of times they buy these without ever even stepping foot inside the house and some of the investors say they can peek inside the windows but you don't know exactly what you are getting and it is a babble and you have to have a lot of cash on hand and you have to be savvy, study the areas and know what you could be getting into. >> gregg: especially if it's an older home and you don't know if the plumbing is good or electrical needs to be rewired which can be very expensive.
5:46 pm
what kind of deals are people getting? >> reporter: they are getting pretty good deals an unfortunately -- and unlead unfortunately it comes on other people's misfortunes and there are 500 homes that will be closed upon on phoenix and the area around phoenix and they are auctioned off on the courthouse steps, right there and lots of activity and looks like wall street, more like wall street than steps of a courthouse and people buying and selling paper left and right and listen: one investor said he got a home worth $1.3 million and bought it for 486 grand, and then turned around and sold it for 700 grand and there is a way to make cash here and a lot of people are doing it. pooling their money together, investors, instead of average joes, buying up these homes. >> gregg: that is a nice, fast profit and look, investors are saying that this actually helps the banking system. in what ways?
5:47 pm
>> reporter: >> reporter: it makes sense because it requires cash right then and there and is infusing a tremendous amount of cash into the financial institution and obviously, banks are not in the business of real estate, they are in the business of banking and so the -- essentially it is twofold and not only do they get an influx of cash but it gets the problem off their hands, though it is well under the value what some of these are going for, because that you don't have to pay to fix the home up and don't have to cover all of the real estate costs and they say it is two gold and is helping the banks and also helping the neighborhoods out as well and some of this neighbors we talked to say they are happy because they don't like to see foreclosed homes like this in their neighborhoods, so it appears to be looking up. >> gregg: and apeshgppears to b pretty home, there, casey steegel, thank you very much. >> julie: what did you say. >> gregg: my wife complains i
5:48 pm
can't hear anything. >> julie: did you listen to loud music. >> julie: the stones... all the loud music we were cranking in our bedrooms, did not affect our hearing, baby boomers' hearing is better and it is a surprising study we have to tell you about rock-loving baby boomers and what does it mean for ipod lovers out there? that like the ear pods and ear buds, in their ears, find out, next. ♪ i was always going having to go in the middle of traffic and just starting and stopping. having to go in the middle of a ballgame and then not being able to go once i got there. and going at night. i thought i had a going problem. my doctor said i had a growing problem. it wasn't my bladder. my prostate was growing. i had an enlarging prostate that was causing my urinary symptoms. my doctor prescribed avodart. (announcer) over time, avodart actually shrinks the prostate and improves urinary symptoms. so i can go more easily when i need to go
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and go less often. (announcer) avodart is for men only. women should not take or handle avodart due to risk of a specific birth defect. do not donate blood until 6 months after stopping avodart. tell your doctor if you have liver disease. rarely sexual side effects, swelling or tenderness of the breasts can occur. only your health care provider can tell if symptoms are from an enlarged prostate and not a more serious condition like prostate cancer. so have regular exams. call your doctor today. avodart. help take care of your growing problem
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>> gregg:' >> gregg: the boys of wayne's world rocking out to bohemian rhapsody in that scene and a study shows listening to loud rock & roll music was no problem for us baby boomers and researchers in wisconsin say this did not suffer a significant loss of hearing, due to healthier lifestyles. >> julie: can it continue for generation x and yers who crank the ipods into maximum overdrive? dr. kumar of the medical a-team joins us now and all those years i was pumping white snake and guns and roses, metallica. >> gregg: couldn't you pick a good bond. >> julie: suicidal tendencies, it is embarrassing, my musical taste. >> gregg: that is embarrassing. >> julie: 8th and 9th grade, did no harm, i can't see and i can hear great and generation x and generation y and we have ipod buds in our ears and not wearing ear phones. >> the jury is still out for generation x an y and they should be concerned about the effects of using the ipod.
5:53 pm
with the headphones or any type of ear phone they are using, because we do know that there is such a thing as noise induced hearing loss, and, it is a very significant problem, for people who may be prone to hearing loss and it can happen from one sudden effect and if you are involved in an explosion, the loud noise it's enough to damage the nerves in the ears and can cause significant hearing loss and on top of that, if you are also -- separate from that, if you are listening to loud music or even mowing the lawn, anything above 8 decibels, frequently it can cause -- for a long period of time. >> gregg: factory workers in environments, can suffer and pete townshend of the who is almost deaf because he listened for so many years to their incredibly loud music. >> that has to do with the
5:54 pm
frequency, he was playing rock music every, single day and the frequency of the loud music and when we are talking, our decibel level is 60 and, anything above 85 -- >> julie: louder, i would think what we're doing now, though my decibel i think sometimes is way over 60. >> gregg: certainly. >> when you s.i.d.s. anything above 5 for a low -- when you consider anything alovebove 85, ear phones we are using now, generation x an y should be concerned. >> gregg: the previous generation had a greater hearing loss and were not listening to loud music. is that a consequence of the fact that there were things like ear infections that couldn't be treated and caused huge hearing loss. >> right. that is what the study suggests, is that perhaps with the baby boomer generation, we're treating ear infections more appropriately with antibiotics, surgical techniques are better for hearing, for treating hearing problems, and, in
5:55 pm
addition, the lifestyle is healthier and with lower incidence of smoking and things they can -- need to research and look into, to find why there was less hearing loss in this generation because maybe it is something we can prevent. >> julie: you mentioned smoking and i thought about that, how does smoking affect your hearing. >> the damage that the -- from the tobacco or the smoke, anything that can damage the hair follicles, that are porn to transmit the sound to the auditory nerve. >> julie: and another reason not to smoke around your children, and i imagine their ears are more susceptible to hearing loss and damage. >> it is important to understand ways to prevent the hearing loss and one is, if you are mowing the lawn, use ear phones and riding a motorcycle, wear ear plugs and plugs, not phones and if you are using your ipod or whatever, products you are using
5:56 pm
and you know, you are using headphones or ear phones if the person next to you can hear your music it is probably too loud and you can don't want to use them too frequently. >> gregg: for years producers have been yell in my ear piece and i think it caused substantial hearing loss. why are you always yelling at me! >> they need to keep it below 75 decibels. >> gregg: yelling wrap, wrap! thank you, doctor. >> thanks. >> gregg: "fox news sunday" is coming up top of the hour and chris wallace will sit down with evan byah and lamar alexander and also paul ryan and democratic congressional chair chris van hollen. be sure and tune into fox news, tomorrow by the way, this is important... recognize her? 1:00 eastern time, make en kelly revealing her -- megyn kelly,
5:57 pm
with her new show, "america live" you don't want to miss it, 1:00 tomorrow, eastern time. we'll be right back. i never as a woman thought i'd get a heart attack. just, out of the blue at 43. now i'm on an aspirin regimen because it helps me live the life i want to live. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. it is a big deal to have a heart attack.
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5:59 pm
>> julie: move over punxsutawney phil, a prognosticator is in town and february 2nd, calling it ground frog day and fanatics of the amphibians waited anxiously for the day for months to tell them whether we'll get six more weeks of winter. and

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